• Darren Stanley

Its been tough, but he who laughs last lasts.

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

We are always smiling at OnFyre, sadly not as much as we did in 2019 but hey ho, it's been a "ruddy" awful hasn't it. But on a plus side, we've spent over 12 months coming up with even better themes for our clients. We think you are going to want more to launch your business, products, celebration etc. so hows this we will beat any quote (if humanly possible) then we will knock 10% off so you get the best for less also as an added bonus if your guests are 100+ we will give them ALL a free (YES FREE) glass of bucks fizz (10%abv) of course your clients wont know that lol))

Message from our CEO Mr S. Who has also topped up our wages to 100% and claimed nothing from the government NOT A PENNY. We love him and as a thank you, WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS, So we can say thank you...........

email our 5 customer service guts, Lucy, Paulo, Richard, George or myself who is the Onfyre Bird (so I'm told NOT) Melanie will help you.


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